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Wear This Not That - Business Casual Shirt

A Shirt that is Professionally Dapper Wearing pleated khakis with a baggy polo shirt screams 1990s business casual. Let's step up the look to a modern classic. The Oxford Cloth »

Wear This Not That - Watch

A Watch That Adds to the Outfit The watch has gone out of fashion for most people under the age of 40. If you have a phone with the time, »

Wear This Not That - Work Bag

A Work Bag for Grown-Ups Today's Wear This Not That has an example of a better bag to take to work. You're not in school anymore, get rid of that »

Wear This Not That - Jeans

Jeans From This Century Today's Wear This Not That deals with better jeans. Faded and baggy jeans aren't in style anymore. More importantly, they're not helping you look your best. »

Wear This Not That - Yard Work Shirt

Shirts to Wear for Yard Work It's fall, and that means you'll be spending some time doing yard work for the last time before winter. It's the perfect time to »