Wear this Not That - Dress Socks

Dress Socks that Aren't Boring

An inexpensive way to spruce up any outfit is to wear better socks. For $10 or less, you can get a great pair of socks that add a graceful touch to your wardrobe.

Today's Wear This Not That article deals with a piece of our clothes that most guys ignore. Plain black or brown dress socks don't make the grade anymore. And just a reminder: wearing white socks with anything but athletic clothes is worse than wearing socks with sandals.

Let's wear socks with a bold pattern that help make bring our outfits together. The general rule is to wear socks that match your pants. This helps give the impression that your legs are longer. And science has told us that tall men are more successful, earn more, and are seen as more attractive.

Wear This Not That Dress Socks

My favorite brand of socks are Pair of Thieves ($10). I have the pixel pattern (shown above) and wear them anytime I wear green or olive pants. They are comfortable and people constantly compliment how great they look.

If $10 seems like too expensive for one pair of socks, I recommend checking out Target's Merona collection of socks. For about $4, you can get a great pair of stylish socks.

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