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Software Tool of the Week - ShareX

ShareX is the best free and open source tool that lets you take screenshots, annotate those images, and then upload to a variety of locations. If there's something you want »

Wear This Not That - Business Casual Shirt

A Shirt that is Professionally Dapper Wearing pleated khakis with a baggy polo shirt screams 1990s business casual. Let's step up the look to a modern classic. The Oxford Cloth »

Book of the Week - What If?

If you like the random absurd questions, What If? is the book for you! If you like the webcomic xkcd, this is DEFINITELY the book for you. Randall Munroe takes »

Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Ability to Say No

You know the feeling. You're swamped at work. You have more stuff on your todo list than time in your day. There's no way you can complete it all. And »

Playlist for the Weekend - 2015-11-14

More songs for your weekend! Follow me on Spotify for more great music! image credit: https://flic.kr/p/AqbVsh »