Software Tool of the Week - BatteryBar Pro

Windows 8 and 10 removed information about your laptop's battery from the task bar. BatteryBar Pro fills that gap. It provides you valuable information on the status of your battery when you are draining or charging.

Over time, BatteryBar Pro determines how long it takes to charge your battery and how much time you have remaining based on past performance.

BatteryBar Pro is $4?! It's well worth the cost. There is a free version that offers a reduced set of features. Try it and I know you'd easily pay triple.

Here is what my battery looks like on my Surface Pro 3 as I'm typing this blog post:

BatteryBar Pro Options

Customize the look and feel of BatteryBar.

Add customized notifications when your battery gets below or above a certain threshold.

For more information, check out the BatteryBar Pro Website.

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