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Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Ability to Say No

You know the feeling. You're swamped at work. You have more stuff on your todo list than time in your day. There's no way you can complete it all. And »

Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Creative Thinking

Two years ago, we ran into a problem at work. We wanted to make sure our customers updated the firmware on our devices using the correct file. We several different »

Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Delegation

You can't do it all; even though you think you can. At a certain point, you need to delegate parts of the job to other capable people. The good news »

Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Do the Right Thing, Not the Easy One

I missed a lot of fouls during my 12 years as a college basketball referee. Some of the fouls were ones I didn't call when I should have and some »

Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Adapt or Die

Several months ago, one of the community bands I played tuba in went on a hiatus. Fortunately for me, there was another band that was going strong. Unfortunately, they already »