Soft Skill Tip of the Week - Plan Your Week

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What's the Problem & Why Is It Important?

Making decisions is tough on our brains. Making decisions early in the morning is even more taxing. Each decision we make erodes our ability to make the next decision. Scientists call this decision fatigue. Removing decisions from our morning routine will give us a better chance to succeed. President Obama wears only blue and gray suits to make sure he doesn't hit decision fatigue.

When we are getting ready in the morning, it's easy to spend 15-30 minutes deciding what clothes to wear. Every morning we spend our decision making skills on items that we need for later in the day. I know my boss wants me at 100% all day.

What Can You Do?

Instead of taking 15 minutes each day (75 minutes total for the week) trying to find out what to wear, I recommend spending an hour on Sunday planning your clothes for the week. If your clothes need ironing, iron them on Sunday. Put them in your closet in order of how you're going to wear them. Monday first, Tuesday second, etc. Each day you'll wake up and grab your clothes without having to make an early morning decision.

You can also do this with your workout clothes each morning. Lay them out the night before and you'll have one less excuse to go to the gym.

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