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Test-Driven Development Isn't Testing [Guest Post]

This is a guest post from Judge Maygarden: I've tried diving in to test-driven development (TDD) a few times over the years. For some reason, it's never really stuck with »

Unit Testing using files from Amazon S3 in C#

Using actual files is not an ideal solution for unit testing. You should have some sort of interface that duplicates what's in a file. Unfortunately, the current solution I'm working »

Time Periods in .NET

I was working on a difficult problem last week at work. I had a list of times and I needed to find the overlapping periods (if any). Here's a simple »

Amazon EC2 Explained for a Five Year Old [Guest Post]

We are working with Amazon EC2 at work and a coworker wrote up a story to help explain EC2. Enjoy. There once was a King named King ComputerCorp who wants »

The Importance of Mockups

I read Jeff Atwood's book Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code this past weekend and one of the sections deals with the importance of UI. The most notable quote for »