Amazon EC2 Explained for a Five Year Old [Guest Post]

We are working with Amazon EC2 at work and a coworker wrote up a story to help explain EC2. Enjoy.

There once was a King named King ComputerCorp who wants to build a nice town for his people. So he set out to find other Kings who have done something like that. One day, after almost giving up, The King eventually found a very large castle called Amazon! As he stood on the long road that goes into this massive castle, he sees that there are many many towns surrounding it! This made the King very excited! The King set off to the castle to speak with the King there.

Upon reaching King of Amazon, he asked how he could build a large town for his kingdom. The Amazon King said, well you would need servants and a wizard to do something like that. The King was glad to hear that it would be easy to do. So he asked if he could buy some from the Amazon King. The Amazon King was happy to do so!

So the King of ComputerCorp got a few servants and a wizard and stared his long journey back to his kingdom. He set out his servants to start building a town for his people. Before long, the King noticed that the people of his kingdom needed more towns to live comfortably. He had some servants but he needed more to do this, so he asked his wizard to make more servants! The wizard started to make more, but the King was not happy. The Kings people needed those towns quickly, but the wizard was very slow. The King thought and he thought and he thought: "How can I make my servants that I have now, work more and stay working without stopping?". The King new this was a bad idea because it would cost the King all of his gold to keep those servants going.

The King was furious, and wanted to know why his wizard was so slow! He sent a messenger to the Kingdom of Amazon to ask their King why the wizard was so slow. The King of Amazon replied "Well, making new servants take time. The wizard needs to make sure there isn't anything wrong with the new servant. I only provide perfect wizards who do this! I can say, if my daughter, Princess FeatureResearch, would have signed the treaty with the Kingdom of CommonSense, I could provide much faster and ideal wizards!" The King of Amazon sent the messenger back with that message.

The King of ComputerCorp received the message and became sad. He knew that if only the wizards worked just a bit faster, his towns would be built and ready for his people much sooner. So the King thought of another idea or two. He thought what if he invented a single powerful wizard to build he towns with magic? He also thought what if he could just get a lot of servants and have his servants work on multiple towns instead of just one at a time?

To this day, it is missing from history and time itself, what the King of ComputerCorp done to make sure his people has towns to live in. Maybe he got that one powerful wizard to do it, maybe he got hundreds of servants? It was rumored that a dragon found the Kingdom of ComputerCorp and destroyed all his towns and forced the King to invent robots. We may never now!

Now goodnight and go the f**k to sleep!

-- written by Richard Shaw

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