October 9, 2015 · software

Software Tool of the Week - Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is the best calendar tool you'll use on your desktop and mobile phone. It works with all of the major calendars out there: Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, Outlook.com, and Office 365.

It also integrates with everything else you use:

Here's a full list of accounts Sunrise can use.

My favorite part is that you can show google multiple calendars at the same time. If you have a personal calendar and a work version, they both show up in the same view.

Did I mention, it's FREE! There are no ads on the website or the apps.

I use the iPhone app every day.

Daily View

Daily View

Weekly View


The iPhone app uses an innovative way to find a time to meet with other people. Check it out:

Some of the other apps I've tried don't have a great website to view and edit my calendar or their phone app isn't powerful enough. Sunrise is the first to get it all to work seemlessly.

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