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Software Tool of the Week - Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is the best calendar tool you'll use on your desktop and mobile phone. It works with all of the major calendars out there: Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, Outlook. »

Software Tool of the Week - Buffer

The Tool I'm finishing this blog post up at about 6am. Once I finish, I might not want to immediately share it on Twitter because most people aren't on twitter »

Software Tool of the Week - TinyPNG

The Tool If you work with images for the web, it can be a challenge to reduce file size. Each time we reduce file size, we reduce our bandwidth and »

Test-Driven Development Isn't Testing [Guest Post]

This is a guest post from Judge Maygarden: I've tried diving in to test-driven development (TDD) a few times over the years. For some reason, it's never really stuck with »

Unit Testing using files from Amazon S3 in C#

Using actual files is not an ideal solution for unit testing. You should have some sort of interface that duplicates what's in a file. Unfortunately, the current solution I'm working »