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Communication Tip of the Week - Don't Apologize

At a recent Toastmasters meeting, a speaker gave a fabulous presentation on a difficult topic. She spoke from the heart and provided solid information to support her topic. She made »

Communication Tip of the Week - Practice with Different Audiences

To be a better public speaker, you must practice. Most books on improving presentation skills list practice as the number one technique to get better. The best way to practice »

Communication Tip of the Week - Use Common Language

We've been trained to think that the more syllables we use per word, the smarter we sound. When I was writing term papers in high school and college, I would »

Communication Tip of the Week - Ask Follow-up Questions

About a year ago, I was on travel for work. I was at dinner with a coworker and his wife. I'll never forget how his wife made me feel. Up »

Communication Tip of the Week - Avoid Putting Your Foot Directly in Your Mouth

What's the Problem & Why Is It Important? We've all done it. We said something and immediately regretted it. This happens especially as we get more comfortable in relationships. When »