Software Tool of the Week - RescueTime

Do you find yourself distracted by non-work related websites at the office? RescueTime is a great tool that illuminates where you spend your time when you're using your computer. It integrates in Windows or Mac and also uses browser plugins to log which websites you visit. Using that data, RescueTime will categorize how productive you are during your day. At the end of each week, you'll receive an emailed report showing you where you spend your time. It can be humbling to see how little 'work' you get done.

RescueTime offers the ability to categorize the websites and programs you use on your computer. For example, if you're using a website like Slack to have discussions with your team, you can categorize Slack as productive. If you spend too much time on Reddit, you'll probably want to categorize that as highly distracting.

Here's an example of my monthly report:

RescueTime will help answer the question, "where did all my time go?!"

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