Podcast Overload

Sifting through all of the podcasts can be a challenge. There are estimates of 150,000 podcasts available for listening. Trying to find something worthy of your time can be difficult. I have a few staples that I always listen to, and I cycle through a few each week looking for the next big thing.

My weekly comedy listens are:

Jay Mohr's flagship podcast has been out for about a year now. In the past few months, Jay has bumped up the schedule to 2 shows a week (Monday and Friday). As a huge fan of standup, it's great to hear some of the legends. Jay had Patrice O'Neal's last interview ever. When Jay interviewed Dave Attell, Dave mentioned several times how much he thought his act was a hack. Listening to Jay's manager, Barry Katz, talk about Jay coming up in the business helps explain why certain people have a bad image of Jay. Every 20th episode can veer into the psychological babble about the guest, those portions of the show make the rest of the podcast that much better.

Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson have a weekly show (every Tuesday) with a comic guest. This show makes me laugh more than any other podcast. Ryan and Jay are both story telling masters. Each episode revolves around a topic which usually digresses to something related to Ryan's multiple apartments and houses in Baltimore and Jay's abandoned house in Malibu. F*** the CrabFeast, 5 stars!

Jason and Randy Sklar's twin humor is full of indie rock and deep sport references. The longer Sklarbro Country podcast comes out every Friday and includes multiple segments including: longer stories; comedic guest interview; quick hits; and celebrity interview. The celebrity interview includes amazing impersonations of Bruce Jenner, Greg Gumbel, Jesse Ventura, and Matthew McConaughey. Don't miss out on the weekly voicemail from Mark Walberg. They've also introduced a shorter episode released on Tuesday called Sklarbro County which includes some of the same ideas from the Country podcast but with more open ended segments.

In a future post, I will give my News and Sports podcasts that are worth listening to.
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